The TRIBE Snowboards Story

Living in Mammoth Lakes, California, Jake Elhart a Michigan native, was just a few miles from Mammoth Mountain, a hotbed of snowboarding; Mammoth boasts 400+ inches of snow, 300 days of California sunshine mega-acres over several terrain parks and one of the longest seasons in the country.

After 15 years of riding and 6 years of working in snowboard shops, Jake wanted to make a bigger impact on the snowboard industry. Jake bought a couple board presses online, found a shop, brought on a fellow Mammoth local, Shawn Ross, to help with production. After extensive Research and Development, and some fine tuning of our product, Tribe took off. With one of the world’s premier testing grounds steps away Tribe was off and running. Local riders took notice right away.

We came up with the name Tribe, because it was a manifestation of what we want our company to be. We want anyone riding our boards to feel like they are a part of our Tribe or Family. By definition, a Tribe is a group of people, or a community with similar values, goals, and interests, and ours is snowboarding.

Our Goals

Tribe’s ultimate goal is to get people to have fun on our boards. We want Tribe riders to feel like they’re a part of our “Tribe”. It doesn’t matter if you’re a serious shredder or a new rider, we’ve got a board that will help you have a good time.
Tribe will always focus on designing the best boards. Tribe continually refines its boards using new materials, modifying shapes and cambers to push the limits of snowboard performance. It begins with top of the line materials, then through extensive engineering, and a precise layup process, we craft some of the best boards in the world. For the 2017/18 season Tribe has designed the optimal core for each model, reflecting the board’s intended use.

For riders who want to be a part of the Tribe and are looking for a distinctive board, Tribe has launched a true custom board option available on its website. SHOP CUSTOM BOARDS

Our Future

Snowboarding is alive and thriving at Mammoth Mountain with the mountain coming off the second longest season on record. On any given day you’ll find Jake, Shawn, and Tribe team riders having a blast on the hill. This winter the boys will also be putting on a demo tour, and might be at your local hill. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Tribe Snowboards demo schedule so you can come out…and join the Tribe!