DOB: May 15, 1990
Goofy/Regular: Goofy
Years Riding: 23
Home Mtn: Butternut, MA
Current Mtn: Mammoth, CA
Sponsors: Alone Collective, Oakley Snowboarding,
VESP, Saavi Binding Hooks


Favorite park feature: 6″X30′ waist high down rail. Super steep

Ideal day on the mountain/park: Solo hot laps with music full blast, the game radio on pandora 1

Favorite Food: Anything I hunt

TRIBE board of choice: Bucknasty, JH PRO – It is built to destroy everything



DOB: March 23, 1995
Goofy/Regular: Regular
Years Riding: 9
Home Mtn: Mt. Ashland, OR
Current Mtn: Mt. Bachelor, OR
Sponsors: Nomad Gloves, Nation Essentials


Favorite park feature: A big lofty kicker or a simple down-tube would have to be my favorite features.

Ideal day on the mountain/park: An ideal day snowboarding involves getting into the bacKcountry with the boys, riding snowmobiles, split boarding, and catching airtime or riding lines.

Favorite Food: Don’t have a specific favorite food, but I can cook a mean bolognese.

TRIBE board of choice: The Day Tripper for the traditional camber and good times.



DOB: October 23, 1988
Goofy/Regular: Regular
Years Riding: 16
Home Mtn: Royal Mountain, NY
Current Mtn: Mammoth, CA
Sponsors: Nation Essentials, Zoic clothing


Favorite park feature: I like a small round down rail 25-30ft with a donkey at the end! Makes combos out more fun…

Ideal day on the mountain/park: Ideal day would be NO WIND, blue bird, and all the homies together enjoying nothing more than soul shredding!

Favorite Food: Fruit!! love it guess I’m kinda fruity!

TRIBE board of choice: Wolf Cry – Flex is on point and shape is dialed in! Graphic seals the deal…



DOB: July 29, 2004
Goofy/Regular: Goofy
Years Riding: 10
Home Mtn: Mammoth, CA
Current Mtn: Mammoth, CA
Other Sponsors: Oakley Snowboarding, RVCA clothing


Favorite park feature: The Plaza

Ideal day on the mountain/park: Blue bird or Pow

Favorite Food: Mexican food

TRIBE board of choice: The Wolf Cry because I like the design and how good it rides.



DOB: June 18th, 1983
Goofy/Regular: Regular
Years Riding: 21
Home Mtn: Stowe, VT
Current Mtn: Mammoth, CA
TRIBE Board Builder


Favorite park feature: My favorite park feature is the lift tower. They slide so well and you can put them together to make sick transfers. I’m an older rider so I like cruising big transition like the transition park at Mammoth and holy bowly.

Ideal day on the mountain/park: My ideal day on the mountain starts with some big top to bottom laps to get the legs warm then head directly to south park with some headphones in and great friends for a day of smiles and fun. It’s all about the fun.

Favorite Food: My favorite food is pizza….no question. Chicago and Detroit deep dish pizza is the best food ever. Period.

TRIBE board of choice: Smooth Operator – because of its versatility to attack the whole mountain. It’s built to shred everything from big mountain lines to jib sessions with the friends. The Smooth Operator is the best all mountain board I’ve ever ridden.